Nemo Enim Fere Saltat Sobrius, Nisi Forte Insanit

(Hardly anyone dances sober, unless he’s completely mad. Cicero 106 – 43 BC)


Welcome to the Tarka Morris Men website

It is our intention to let you know about Tarka Morris men [TMM for short], its origins, our side, [the term used for a team of Morris dancers], our dances, our dancers past and present, and our programme for the year ahead.

We also intend to give you a little of the history of The Morris, and why it is important to us.

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We also have a photo gallery of our dances, with, where applicable, some of the history of our presence at the event. Some of the gallery also acts as a scrap book of events, so includes letters, menus, posters etc which have been selected so not to incriminate us.

We treat our dancing very seriously, and practice hard through the winter months to give of our very best when you see us perform. Our Foreman [the term used for a teacher of the Morris Dance] takes, quite rightly, no prisoners!  That doesn’t stop us, however, enjoying the event, and where ale is present, we have a habit of sampling it, in profusion! We generally round off our performances with Music and Song in the Bar of a local Hostelry. So you see, we don’t just enjoy Morris Dancing, we live the whole ethos of the tradition.

It has been said that there a people who dance Morris, and there are Morris Dancers. I am sure that many of you will see the difference:

We are Morris Dancers!