In our per-digital age, all of our pictures were processed by a camera shop. hence quality is somewhat lower, however good scanning equipment and allows us to maximise selected photos for this website. Many of the scrapbook pages are scanned in without comment.


Above:The first page of our scrapbook

background 1992

our first appearance aty Braunton School

Above: Our very first dance out, at Braunton School Ceilidh. Note the cheesy grin on Keith’s face in the top [Monochrome] picture. An advert for Colgate toothpaste?

1992-Appledore-our first Tuesday night tour

Above: Our first Tuesday Night Tour,  in Appledore

littleham 1992- our usual large audience

1992- our lines are to our usual standard

Above: The Crealock Arms,  Littleham with our usual Large audience!

1992- however the cows appreciated pur performance

Still, the local farm life took interest. “The Bells, the Bells!”

1992- a youthfull Glen

A youthful Glen, what’s happened to the years!

1992 Kevin in full flight

Our first post dance session, with Kevin in full flight!