The future of the Morris


A call to the youth of today!

Other cultures, quite rightly, celebrate their traditions, we see them performed enthusiastically on British Streets. So, also, we should celebrate our own culture! On our travels, we have found that our foreign hosts have been pleasantly surprised to see a team of men dancing together. Not too many other cultures have this tradition.

Morris Dancing is a very physical activity combined with a great deal of fun and fellowship. There are not many physical hobbies that encompass members from 16 to 75 years of age working together, and can still be undertaken to a high standard. How many footballers or rugby players are playing after the age of 40 years of age?

Luckily, Morris Dancing is not a competitive activity, so age is no barrier to performing. We occasionally join with other sides to perform together and celebrate the differences in the dances and form that we see. We often spend a pleasant post dance song and music session together in a pub, with good Real Ales to lubricate our vocal chords and free up our fingers to play instruments. Often, the hostelry will provide us with free food and/or Beer in gratitude for our performance.

Youth dancing with elders is not a No-No, and it does not have to destroy their ‘Street Cred’. It is good to see that males are performing ‘Street Dance’ and many would find Morris Dancing a long term alternative form of performance art. There is a lot to be learned from the older members of the side, and also there is a lot to contribute by the younger members.

It is surprising how many young females watch the dancing, especially when young males are in the side! So, think on that, you young men!

Many of the present sides really need the youth to step in to replace aging dancers, and it’s up to the youth to take up the reins.

Single sex side are on the decline, and that camaraderie mentioned above is being lost. Many people, both male and female, experience a different group camaraderie when there is an absence of the opposite sex within their midst, a camaraderie that they would be sad to lose! The emergence of mixed-sex dance sides, generally husband and wife plus their children, or partners and friends, are helping to keep the traditions alive. This is seen by some as a short term “fix”, awaiting the re-emergence [re-discovery?] of the dance by single sex sides, both all-male and all-female.

The future is yours, join The Morris and keep English Traditional Dances alive. Once you get over the initial reluctance to show off in public, you will enjoy it! You can see from the rest of this website how much others have taken enjoyment from dancing The Morris.

If you are male and want to dance The Morris, and live in North Devon, why not contact us using the email address below

There are North Devon sides for female dancers, we can put you in touch.

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Or Glenn Bower on 079564428109

We also have a Facebook Page ‘Tarka Bagman’ and Twitter ‘@TarkaMorrisMen’