These are men who have left the side for various reasons, aging infirmity, work, new hobbies etc.  and are all sadly missed.



Founder member of the side. Still Our Icon!  [see ‘about us’]. Graham encompassed all that is great in The Morris. Sadly, he has been trod on, and leant on, by too many Cows during the course of his career causing some infirmity , and has decided to leave the side altogether. He would be welcomed back as a non-dancing member.

James B:

James-B    James_b

Above: 2005                                      Above: 2013

James, son of Martin B: Joined Tarka with his brother, Ross when only very young. Showed great flair in both dancing and music at an early age. Left the side to go to The Sage, Newcastle, to study Folk Music to degree level. Joined the Rapper side ‘The King’s men’,  and also ‘The Demon Barber Road Show’. Lives now in Newcastle furthering his career. We often see him performing at Sidmouth Folk Festival. Sadly missed

Ross B:


Brother of James, excellent dancer. Although listed as past member, he is attempting to dance with us occasionally when home on leave from the army. Due to nature of employment, picture excluded. He will be welcomed back with open arms!


whitebread almost asleep1

Alan joined Tarka when he had a holiday cottage in Appledore. Member of Shakespeare Morris men. In this photo, he had had a long night [actually, all night! I was there, ED] in a Chinese Bar in Yangshuo in 2005. Time has moved on and Alan rarely dances now.

Jerry B:

Founder member of Tarka. Jerry also originally danced with another local side and was a stalwart member of Tarka until fairly recently, until he retired from dancing.  Father of Baz, his sense of fun has passed to his son.

Jerry is still active in the local Folk Song scene



Always a butt of jokes [friendly]. His grace, charm, eloquence, and high standard of appearance was often commented upon. Sadly, he has moved on with his life and friendships. We miss him!

Keith B:


Previously with Barnstaple Morris Men, Keith was a founder member of Tarka and a good, athletic, dancer. He also played as the team’s musician. Moved to Exeter in 2000, but met up with us occasionally at Sidmouth Folk Festival. No longer dancing.

Bill Harris:


Moved to North Devon via France after retiring from teaching to be closer to his children in the UK. Friend of JB.

Found that he saw less of his children in UK than in France, so moved back!

Sadly died in 2011

Cider Rob:


Joined Tarka in ~ 2000 as a musician. However he found the condition that he had to be able to dance difficult to master, and moved on to fresh pastures.

Simon B:


Being a Morris Tart, Simon  dances, on and off with various Devon side, largely dependent upon where he is living at the time.

For some years contributor to Tarka, we still see him occasionally when his motorbike ventures in the direction of North Devon. A very vigorous dancer.

Barrie C:


Excellent dancer, went to the “Dark”  Side i.e. Blacked his face and formed Exmoor Border Morris.

With a face like that, who could blame him!

Denis L:


Local head teacher, unfortunately his career interfered with his hobby, moved away and lost contact

Matt B: [Founder Member]

Picture to follow

Matt left us to pursue his career.

Jonathan C:

1992-Jonathan                                                 Matt

Son of George C, Founder member,  1st picture taken in 1993, he’s grown since then


Kevin T: [Founder Member]

Picture etc to follow

Kevin H:


Founder member

Drifted away from the side



Russ joined with Gordon B and stayed with us until 2011, but has now moved to South Devon to live.

Steve R:


Steve danced with us for a short period of years, but his interests are more along the lines of playing music and singing.  He is active in local Music sessions and bands in North Devon

Daemon B:


Joined Tarka in 2006, after dancing with a local mixed sex Morris side. He preferred the dances and style that Tarka offered.